Press Release: Hank Announces Candidacy for Mayor of New Orleans

August 3, 2009 For Immediate Release


Hank, life-long resident of New Orleans who previously ran for the District B City Council seat in 2006, today announced his candidacy for the Mayor of the Crescent City.

"New Orleans needs a new Top Dog", Hank said in the press conference that inaugurated his campaign, "and while many of the candidates who have also announced their candidacy have accomplished much for this city, its time to look beyond the pool of establishment politicians, and even further beyond the pool of human candidates, for our city's next mayor."

Key points of Hank's Mayoral Platform include:

* Stricter enforcement of the city's leash laws

* A GreenieĀ®-assistance program for all canine citizens of New Orleans.

* Tax credits for new businesses; because these have worked well for the movie industry in Louisiana, Hank believe that a similar tax credit incentivization program would both motivate businesses to move to New Orleans and assist New Orleans citizens to create new businesses themselves.

Further details of Hank's platform will become available in the coming weeks on Hank's campaign web site, HankDog.Com.


Press Contact: Media@HankDog.Com